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Black Farmers file another lawsuit against USDA for not getting what they are entitled to !


Yet another case of racism against

my Black people. They know what the

Black farmers have need of yet they

still deny them that. More than 800 black

farmers have filed a new lawsuit against the

Agriculture Department 2 weeks after

Congress reopened a 1999 settlement

over past discrimination.

If their suit is successful,

the case could cost the government

several billion dollars along with

the $980 million in damages contributed

in the original settlement.

THe Lawsuit is organized by the Virginia

Based National black Farmers Association.

823 farmers who did the suing are from

the SOuth.

JOhn BOyd, another African American

farmer who built the group said he

expects another 5,000 to join the

lawsuit soon.

THe suit is the latest development

in the federal government’s April 1999

settlement of a class action lawsuit

from Black Farmers denied loans. WHat

does it take for some people to have

a dang on heart and give them the loans?

These are things they are entitled to.

They must respect the Black Farmers
or lose what they have. I’m so sick

of the bull when people know they do

wrong and keep on doing it. I bet if you

ask these same people to think that

would be a big challenge to them.
THey not showing they know how to think

by denying the rights of my Black people.

2/3rds of 22,500 farmers who

filed suit were awarded damages. That’s

some progress, but those folks can

allow more people to help. I expect


Those who filed late said that

their lawyers made mistakes of that they

did not know of the deadline.

THe deadline was allowed to go on longer

for those who could show extraordinary


But federal courts kept on

denying requests to reopen the settlement

until Congress came with the farm bill.

THe enacted bill allows plaintiffs to

seek expedited claims of $50,000

under a lower threshold of proof

than a typical civil case. ALso,

plaintiffs can seek larger damages

in court.