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A Black man named Innocent Chiasaokwu spent money on 30,000 books and donated them to AFrica!


          A Black man by the name of Innocent Chiasaokwu
spent his entire savings to ship books to Nigeria.
WHat a man, What a man. THat is dedication all up in
and throughout his spirit. AN underground Ottawa charity was
made up of ONe man and his own money. So he’s showing the
way For our BLack Nigerian people by giving 30,000 books and
          He was born in the poor part of Africa. He’s proof you don’t
have to be rich to make a BIG difference. MInor steps
take one to great heights. It’s like upgrading from a helicopter
to a jet. That’s how it is in this particular situation. Innocent
Chiasaokwu left Nigeria 10 years ago and works as a
nursing assistant.
               HE was shocked by the shortage of books in the
schools and libraries. Kids going into situations like child
labor, is because someone with more than them is
taking advantage of them. This is What Mr. Chiasaokwu said.
               He started visiting garage sales and thrift stores,
buying books and magazines a few at a time. Next, he
stored them in his apartment then to a locker he rented.
At times, he rented a van and hired people to help
him with this.
               Now, Chiasaokwu has spent his entire savings of
$5,000 to buy those books passage to Lagos, Nigeria in a
shipping container. After the 67 day journey they will arrive
and his friends will give them to libraries, schools and
poor families.
               So he did all this out of his own pocket, because
he cares. HE saw the problem and SNAP like that, he
worked on a solution. His solution was like lagos building
and building up. As you  can  see he’s a very ethical man.
Everybody’s mind may not be where his is. BUt sometimes
it takes inspiration to wake people up. Sometimes people
wonder what they can do with their time. Do like this man
and volunteer or donate books or money. Something.
I”m very happy hearing about him being such an upright