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Africreations Kwanzaa Dolls right at your screen waiting for you!



I call them the Kwanzaa dolls. They have the kwanzaa colors.
Red, green, and black. Their hair is nice and fluffed up.
They got the hat to match their kwanzaa dresses.
I’m even amazed and so mesmerized by
the fabric of their dresses. They way these
dolls are dressed can inspire our Black children
to think about Black History. OUr Black childen
must know our roots and so since these
Black dolls represent the Kwanzaa spirit,
it’s the perfect example. Our Black
Children can even dress up to show
the kwanzaa spirit. The black doll may
be an inspiration.
THe meaning of Adinkra symbols:
Hwemudua: excellence, quality
Nkyinkyim: initative and versatility
Adinkrahene: greatness and leadership
Duafe (wooden comb): beauty, cleanliness
Sankofa: learning from past to build for future

        ANd don’t you just love they that they are washable and dryable?
Oh here’s another link for a Black doll, specifically Black Barbie.