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Black Doll, Makeda, the QUeen of Sheba !

 u kno..jus ur regular black baby doll pinned to a dart board i dont really kno how it got there

Oh yes, it’s the black dolls again. I can’t

get enough of seeing the Black dolls that
look just like me. I cherish and treasure
them forever. The world would be better,
commercials and tv would be better if
only they had these BLACK doll images.
So, I specifically want to tell you
about the Black Doll Makeda, tHe Queen
of Sheba. I’m glad that the queen of Sheba
doll is made in the true, authentic image
of African American. Because other image
is bull because it’s not true.
The Black Doll Makeda, The Queen of Sheba
EthiDolls African Dolls Educational Signature Collection
Featuring: Historic African Women Leaders
This is the First Education, fun and collectible Black DOlls and Accessories
IT’s culturally authentic Royal African Doll
Storybook illustrated by an Ethiopian artist and AUdio cd
narrative with Traditional Ethiopian Music
Fair Traade: Fabric for Makeda’s Dress
NEck Tattoo and Gold Jewelry Adorn Ethiopian women