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Black Dolls of Many Professions you can find online!

Jasmine in front of the doll table

Dolls for African American Children
These black dolls can be washed.
There is variety in the types of BLACK
dolls they have, how they dressed,
the material of their clothes, material
of dolls. It’s like a big world to explore….
It’s enough to keep you looking. I will
say I’m very impressed by the quality
look of these dolls.
They have a doll made  in the form
of a cell phone. It’s called a Barbara toy.
The parent can record and message and
she can play it back as many times as she
likes. That’s one toy I’ve never even
heard of until know. And how do I
know it does this? The description says this.
They have a doll with a hand puppet inside.
THe Babipouce Graceful Pink Supersoft Pillow
Doll looks so cushiony.
The collection consists of black dolls with
African dresses, Girl scouts doll, ballerina
doll, twin doll, lifelike doll, Braids doll,
etc. So these are the images our Black
Kids need to see.
       Let’s go shopping online for Black Baby dolls at: