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Black Dolls: Proud, Bold, and BEautiful (A book)

Madame Alexander Baby Dolls

Black Dolls Proud Bold,& Beautiful (The book)
Author Nayda Rondon
This volume showcases over 150 black dolls
by artists like Floyd Bell, Jennifer Canton,
Richad, and Jodi Creage, Marcella Welch,
and Goldie Wilson. This book is written
by Nayda Rondon, who is the editor
of DOlls Magazine.
        This book gives you a peak into the types
of Black Dolls made today. The artists
of these Black Dolls have bios included
and show their inspiration and the
techniques used.
         This book informs readers on the history
of Black dolls from Ancient Clay Sculptures
THe purpose of the book is to show
the socio historical context of dolls
from the Black diaspora and celebrate
doll artists who have released the
beauty of dolls of color.
These black dolls range from folk art
figures, porcelain children, and elegant
fashion dolls.