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Black Dress up Dolls for Our Black kids!

Growing up is a process. It’s how we
learn new things  about ourselves. Imagine what it
is like for our black children entering the different
stages of growth. Growth is just a part of life.
We need to put African American dolls in front
of the black children. They need black dolls
that represent who they are in eye color, hair
texture and color, as well as SKIN color.
       Because anything else might be implying
change. But Black is already at the highest
level of beauty. Don’t change, that’s what
our Black kids need to know. And they
need to avoid the sick and twisted media.
Our Black kids must know all our African
American features are beautiful. They must
know it from an early age to carry on that
mentality into the next stage of their life.
Our Black kids must know there are consequences
for African Americans changing what they have.
 I’ve always wondered why there are some
of my Black people that change their features.
They just don’t know how unhealthy that is.
          But OUR BLACK kids must
see Black images in the houses.There are
BLACK DOLLS online that you can show OUR
BLack children.
 THis particular site shows off African American dress up dolls.
It has zipping, buttoning, buckling, and more. The dolls teach
manipulative skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination and
nurture independence. It’s for 18 months and up. So it basically
is used as an example to teach your black baby how to
do those things. Me, personally, when I was 10 months
I learned how to say my abcs. That’s because  my mother
would say them when she walked up and down the steps
with me saying the alphabet.
Here is the source of the dress up BLACK doll: