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Keeping the Hair Nappy! (poem)

partially untwisted

They call it a relaxer and the keyword is relax, get
out the sax, They call it relaxer as if our kinky hair
was tense, rageful, agree, but hey I don’t agree,
OUr Black hair is too cute nappy, ooh yeah
and those nappy babies, OUr hair does not
lay flat, but it excercizes, Natural Black hair
rises, Our Black nappy hair bends like the
body bends, It twists like you doing the twist,
Every kink is a decoration, Get in key and
sing it to the nation, Every kinky strand speaks
volumes, It’s like the flower that blooms,
 I love my nappy hair because it’s a part of me,
because that’s me, Plus the texture of OUR
Black hair is into each other like lovers, look
at how the strands intertwine and fall
over each other, Along with my kinky
hair I’m down with the natural products
to go with it, GOtta go get it, Plus
with our Natural Black Hair there are curves
to match the curves in our body,  Nappy hair
is great, the message is not cloudy, THe person
who made and the people who sold relaxers
need to relax but not the hairs on their head,
The easy way to style natural hair must
be researched and carefully read, ANd to the
hairdresser, hairstylist whatever they give
me it must be nappy, When I see the texture
of my hair I describe it as acrobatic, I
search out one and another kind of nappy
natural flick, Us Black people have hair
that’s spring and looks like it’s ready to play,
Happy nappy day to me and others
everyday, A relaxer is nonsense, it makes
no dang on sense, There’s no way to improve
on the highest form of hair, this nappy texture,
It’s already healthy and mature, The nappiness,
should always be nurtured, IF a relaxer
was in front of me, I would smash the
box and destroy its contents to
no extent, And remember its the great
roots causing our nappy hair, be nappy,
stay nappy, take care!
source: Poem by me, Charismaallover