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Dondria Nicole, the Black woman discovered on youtube! Single on itunes and June 17th, 2008 and album out June 29,2008

Here is Dondria Nicole, The Black woman discovered on Youtube.
Her signature is she loves To eat. She is such a superstar.
Just wait until you hear her single June 17, 2008. Then
her album coming out June 29, 2008. This is just
her video doing various things. She was
talking about her album, etc  Singing is her
passion and the words just flow right out of her
mouth. She is true talent and she is the representation
of regal. She is the Biggest success. Make
sure to go to June 29th. Do go support the
        Here she belts out some tunes in the video and does is perfectly.
She is known for getting thousands of views. She’s a hit singer on her way

If after you hear her song and decide you want to buy it, it’s available on

Itunes. The single is called Can’t stop By Dondria Nicole: