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My Black people, here are some ingredients to watch out for in products! They cause illness in people!


It’s as if the products you use need to be under
investigation. I hear so much about what causes
cancer and other illnesses. Well, people would not
be so sick, and the cancer rates would not be
high if we did not use these certain products.
It’s always great to avoid being a cancer
statistic or any of those illness statistics.
            So your best bet is to avoid products
with certain ingredients. I keep hearing and seeing
information about products bad for your health.
You must be conscious of what you put on your
hair, in your body, and on your skin. Just like smokers
get lung cancer. I think they all do eventually,
but maybe there are rare cases where a man or woman
has lived their whole life smoking and no lung cancer.
I don’t know, But people need a wake up call. I’m guessing
this type of smoking and never getting lung cancer DOES NOT
happen too often.
        But as far as your hair, I don’t know why people
sell shampoos with dangerous toxins. But they do.
This should be Illegal. But WE need to be cautious
about shampoos , hair products and everything else.
             Products with methyl, propyl, butyl, and
Ethyl Paraben are toxic ingredients.  Diethanolamine,
Triethanolamine, which irritates eyes and drys hair
and skin. It’s used in cosmetics. Diazolidinyl Urea,
imidasolidinyl Urea are in preservatives. They cause
dermatitis. They release formaldehyde which can be
what you call toxic. I heard from a friend that diet
products have formaldehyde in them. Just so you know.
       Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate is in some shampoos.
It comes from petroleum. It causes eye irritatioin, scalp scurf,
dandruff, rashes and other allergic reactions.
watch out for propylene glycol, it is veggie glycerin mixed
with grain alcohol.
PVP//VA Copolymer is a petroleum chemical used in
hairsprays, styling aid, and cosmetics. It’s a toxic
chemical,especially with people who have sensitive
lungs. so asthma folks and people short of breath,
really need to watch  out for this. But we all do.
Stearalkonium Chloride found in hair conditioners and
creams. It causes allergic reactions and is toxic.
Synthetic colors should be avoided, synthetic hair dyes,
like FD&C or D&C and sometimes they even have a number.
Synthetic colors can be carcinogenic.
Synthetic fragrances, they can cause headaches,
dizziness, rash, hyperpigmentation, violent coughing
vomiting, skin irritation. Its best to avoid products
with fragrance on it. SO I would like to stress the IMPORTANCE
of natural products. IT’s whats good for us.