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More Nappy Hair Options Coming your way!

Afro Hair Maze - III

(Once I saw the above hairstyle, I was like this is different.)

We all want more hairstyles to choose from. Here

are some hairstyles you can choose from that are
The ROYAL NAPPY texture. Nappy hair is good
for your head. So since I just so happen to
find these lovely nappy hairstyles, I’m here to show you.
Because it great to switch up the hairstyles
when you can. And it’s always a pleasure when
there is more to choose from. So let’s go through
the Nappy hairstyle gallery. Carry on.


Flat twist puff


Curly Do Wop aka the Curly Afro

The Afro Couple

Banna #6

Wash then Untwist 2


Afro puffs with cornrows