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Barack Obama did NOT support those wars in IRaq, great on his part!

Obama and Michelle is the real deal ofcourse.
They are so strong in their love. Plus,
Obama is the perfect candidate for president.
He opposed the war. He did not see any reason
for the war. Yet Bush did. Bush spent all that
money on the war and put the world into an
messed up situation. But Obama is genuine and
Sincere. Those other candidates are just as
fake as Bush and don’t want change.
              Obama wants us to have a better quality
of life and seriously this economy and these times
we live in, we definitely need the OBAMA change.
If you want to live better, Obama is that change.
But the other candidates will just not move
forward. It’s frustrating to see life going NOWHERE.
That’s because BUSH was in office. OBama’s
heart is all in what he says. I know everyone won’t
vote for Obama, but consequences and much
problems come along with Hillary and MCCAIN.
What kinda future do you want? I know what
kinda future I want. I’m for OBama for president.
He’s more than just a great president
candidate,  he loves his family.