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Let’s save one of our Own, this Black man who needs to get parole on time to make sure it’s not longer!


 FOrmer Black Pantheer faces parole hearing after 38 years!
July 2, 2008, is the day Chip Fitzgerald, a Black man
will possibly be freed. This is the date of his parole hearing.
In his case, the government is using the most low down
tricks to destroy the Black Panther Party and he was
arrested as a member.
               By the 1960s, the FBR and other policing agencies
of the government carried out a plan to wipe out
the Black Panther Party. You see, it was the Black
Panther Party that that was the greatest threat
to the nation’s security. Through the FBI’s
campaign, party leaders were killed, imprisioned
on false circumstances,slandered,etc.
             By September 1969, Chip was involved
in a shoot out with Los Angeles Police. He
is the longest held Black Panther Party prisoner
in America. Many community leaders, students
and supporters eagerly awaits his parole hearing.
          Therefore you have the chance to sign
the petition so he can get released on time. He has
served more time that his sentence was set at.
The STATE does not even want him
incarcerated. They are doing his public tribute June 28,
Information on Chip Fitzgerald here:
Sign the petition here:

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