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OBama Points out what it is MCCAIN and BUSH are doing wrong and discusses SOLUTIONS!

Barack Obama on the Primary



MCCAIN is a sneaky sneaky little man. He wants

to do predictable things and devisive attacks to
score points on national security. That Mccain
sounds like he don’t have no ideas in his head. He’s getting
these tactics from George Bush. Think about it.
under George Bush’s leadership, gas prices
went up.
            It’s like he’s robbing the world of our
money. Like I said, that dang on George
Bush is like Hitler. Who wants a Hitler
wanna be in charge or a Mccain that follows
the Hitler wannabe? UGH. President Bush
want to close his eyes on the bad things.
He wants to take a long nap on the bad things.
Why? Because he supports that bull.
 Mccain wants to  make Obama look BAD, but that’s not POSSIBLE.
OBama is really really good. He does not slip up
because he is real. When a person is phony
it does come up, especially where hillary is concerned.
there are 150,000 troops in IRaq.
           There are no more than 1 or 2 bricades that
can function outside of Iraq. Troops are doing their 2nd
or 3rd duty.Talliban prison outbreak freed hundreds
of militants and underscored situations. Coalition Casulties
last month were higher than they were in Iraq.
           He called for 1 billion dollars in non military assistance every year.
He says the Pakistan government should crack down on Al queda.
He talks about 9/11. George Bush and Mccain has been
weak on terrorism. Most def.
        Obama points out that he will NOT take advice about national security
from people who’ve done disasterous things on foreign policy decisions.
The people responsible for 9/11 are still not caught. They running
around free like chickens with their feathers shedding. Obama
is really really putting out the truth and putting it right in your face.
         He called for 2 extra brigades to support efforts. Obama calls
for I billion dollars non military assistance. Also, he challenged
President Bush and Mccain refusal to hold the Pakistani government responsible
for cracking down on Al qida and Talliban inside their borders He said there’s not a way to get
Afghanistan right if Pakistan is not right.