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SIgn this petition to get Authorities, or people in charge to get our Black people in Africa and other countries out of slavery!

Ouline Map of Africa - S-Mitchell_Phila_1839

As we know it is sad and unjust that slavery is STILL going on in Africa.
If you have read my other post about this you will know.
If you type in “slavery in North Africa still exists today”
you will be able to find this information. But I would like
you to sign my petition so I can mail it off to Congress
and other Organizations. OUr Black people need our
help now. We can save their lives and take them
out of this situation. I just need your signature.
I’m going to be mailing this to some people in
authority. I’m doing my part. Take a part in this
and help OUR BLACK people out. Sign
this petition to get more of Our Black people
in countries like Africa out of Slavery. Sign
it so others will do something about it,
the people who deal with law, the courts,
whoever. If you have any suggestions
on what else I can do let me know. Thanks.
Here is where you can sign the petition:

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