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Shea Butter adds moisture to the hair, protects the hair from chlorine before swimming, adds moisture to hair, has MORE than 10 benefits, find out more!


Shea butter is a multi purpose cream. OUr Black
African people have been using shea butter
for the longest. It’s like one of those products
that is popular for what it does.
Shea Butter comes from Africa.
It is called women’s gold because women and children
manufacture shea butter. Making shea butter is hard
work, seeds are dried in the sun, shells broken, nuts removed
and kernels dried, baked and grounded into flour like substance
called kernel meal. The kernel meal is roasted over fire and water is added.
It is kneaded, more water added, more kneading, oil is scouped
off and washed and purified several times, water is squeezed out
and paste is drained and placed in a pot and is melted. Impurities
are seared off, pure oil is filtered through a cloth and poured into
a bowl and cools, then  hardens. Natural shea butter is pale yellow or
cream , its creamy in texture.
              The best kinda shea butter to get is the pure kind.
If you buy a product with shea butter, make sure shea
butter is the first ingredient and that means that the product
is made mostly of shea butter and then the other products.
                 Shea butter has advantages:
Helps with dry skin
Helps heal and soothe irritated skin
soothes insect bites
Gets rid of stretch marks
Helps even skin tone and blemishes,
also used in chocolate
It relives muscle fatigue
gives hair natural shine
Adds moisture to hair
Protects hair from chlorine in water before swimming
If you did not know before, now YOU want to go out and buy
shea butter huh? Well, with all those benefits who would not
want it?