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Part 2: Learn the Jamaican language of our BLACK people!

jamaica flag

  I’ve always wanted to speak another language.

I know some, but not fluently. I really want to learn
Jamaican, yeah mon. hehehe.
           To say hello, say wat a gwaan.
if you want to say you are rude its:
Yuh too out ada
You are crazy is You mussi sick inna yuh head.
I do not want them to come over to my house today in Jamaican is:
Me no want dem fi come a mi yard today.
Don’t you see I’m on the phone? Can you please keep your voice down? is:
Shut yuh mouth no? You no see me de pon di phone?
Where are you? is We yuh de?
Move and go sit down somewhere else in Jamaican is”
Move from yasson and go siddung somewhere.
I don’t like you anymore is:
Mi no like yuh no more
Look at the girl over there, she is beautiful in Jamaican is:
Look pan dat gal ova desso, she nice eee
            It’s a beautiful language. It will be funny as
ever just to all of sudden be talkin in English and
then speak Jamaican, just out of no where.
But I enjoy Jamaican language. It’s Our Black
people from the islands, which is another side
of our Black people we should see. We
already see a lot of Our Black American people.