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Youtube video of woman shows damage of relaxers!



IT’s a relaxer, a dangerous and toxic chemical.
It’s a BIG problem for hair. I have even heard
of a Black woman on youtube that said her hair
grew back after the relaxer  but a spot never
grew back in the same. Anyways, people can
really go bald from relaxers as I saw in the youtube
video. This is a serious problem its causing for
people’s hair. I don’t know if all relaxed people
end up like this eventually or not, so I won’t say.
But I don’t understand if it breaks one person’s
hair out maybe it will break out another person’s
hair. I don’t know if it takes years for some people
to lose their hair or months, or years to go bald
or months. but these RELAXERS are dang on
ridiculous. Based on this video, you get to see
what relaxers do to damage the hair. Relaxers
is another word for poison.
same video as above: