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Obama points out some disturbing points of the bible and says that’s why the world can’t be governed based on the bible alone!


This white man is so confused. I don’t know why
he would say that Obama is distorting the Bible.
He is so STUPID for saying this.
Obama is only telling the truth.
But STILL some white man whose a political leader says
Obama is distorting the bible. Nope the bible has its
errors. It is not right to govern according to the whole
bible. Parts of the bible are actually tainted. Yes,
I, charismaallover, have mentioned this before. But
I just thought I should bring this to your attention
Some passages of the bible says that slavery should be
allowed. Leviticus says that slavery is ok. Deuteronomy
says stoning children are okay if they stray from
the faith..Makes me wonder, what other kinda bull
is to be found in the bible?
Dobson, the white guy, apparently agrees with the bull
in the bible for him to justify it.
             Obama does want to reach out to people
who strongly hold firm to their faith and stand up
for American families.
           Yet he wants to say that Obama is just trying
to make everybody agree with him. Last time I check,
it is a crime that’s punishable in prison for hurting
kids. So why does the white guy think is arguable?
It’s already wrong. This Dobson guy is just petty.
Ofcourse the bible is off if it agrees with slavery,
who couldn’t figure this off except Dobson or
some other slow people?

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