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Black woman on fotki sporting her natural nappy hair texture, fotki is known for having black women showing off our natural hair!

a href=”¤t=Picture219.jpg” target=”_blank”>nappy nigerian hair
 A 22 year old Black college student, who

goes by the fotki name keitta125  lives in
South Carolina. She had her last relaxer in
November 2005, made her big chop in
September 2006. I’m telling you her
hair is so gorgeous and would inspire
so many people, especially those wanting
to go nappy.
         She sports her braided afrohawk with
such style she got us wanting to see more.
It’s the type of styles she haves that are
so perfect and beautiful, I want them in
every African hair magazine. She wears
the hairstyle with such authority, it looks
really good. Our own nappy hair is already
made with a design. The straight styles
can’t even step that high. She even rocks
the afro and I can tell how her hair loves
that face. Perfect look. Now if more magazines
would get REAL and rock these beautiful
nappy styles they would be doing really good.
I’m telling you, these are definitely styles I
myself would wear.
Here is the link where I found all OUR BLACK natural beauties,
who sport their natural nappy hair. I looked them up here: is a great site to find Natural nappy hairstyles for us.
It gives us so many options you never run out. So if you are thinking
about going NATURAL or just want to get more natural hairstyles
to add to your list, fotki is a great resource. Here our black sistas
sport their beautiful hairstyles and the products they use. They say
what works for them. You can even try it for you. But let’s keep in
mind somethings work for some people and other things work
for others. But they can give you great ideas…