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For your nappy hair needs, Oyin Handmade is there for you!

The Hairstyle I want

Pierre and Jamyla Bennu squeezed droplets

of amber colored bottles of Juices and Berries
hair tonic. They spend 18 hours  a day
forming products for the benefit of black women
who left straighteners ALONE.
             IT is a fact that our BLack people spend billions
of dollars on hair care products in these white
firms. Black women are sick of this  chemical
damage. So Oyin comes to the rescue as a way
for organic products to help us Black women.
Jamyla bennu began making products
for her own natural, chemical free hair. Oyin’s
products are about $10 and consist of
shea butter, honey and other cupboard
             A lot of these dog on commercial products
are not for our hair. THat’s because we don’t
get an input on how they are made.
                  loreal Usa, ALberto Culver co, procter
& gamble co are the largest suppliers of hair
products m ade for us black people. ANd
since there are more formalized business
training than before, we are able to keep
more black dollars in the black community.
        Black buying power is projected to go
over 1.1 trillion by 2012 according
to a July report by the Selig Center
for Economic Growth at the University
of Georgia.