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How Shea Butter is made….Get the scoop!

Buttercream Shea Butter Soap - A Sweet Treat for Your Skin

 As you may already know, shea butter

is one of those products that help with many
things. So its known for being popular and
valuable. Everyone can use it to benefit
something. So let’s understand how our Black
African women make this shea butter.
Unrefined shea butter is a natural resource for
West Africa. Black women in Africa  collect these shea nuts
themselves and don’t use machines but handcraft
this only get a tiny portion of the final price. Sounds
like the people should be sued for not giving
them the right amount of pay. Our Black women
in Africa should be rich off this. All that hard work
and low pay. Somebody should be getting a lawsuit
for not paying them well.
Fairly Traded handcrafted shea butter is an advantage
to those that produce it adn the who consumers who
buy it because they get the genuine product from
the direct source.
          Traditonal shea extraction is made up of
many steps.It takes 20-30 hours just to make 1 kg
of handcrafted shea butter and is traded at a
$1 or less in today’s market. A woman which I know
is a BLACK AFRICAN woman will work 30 hours
per week and will not even get a dollar for her
hard work.
         10% of Agbanga Karite’s stales go to the
Togolese community in West Africa for
projects and malaria outreach as well
as educational scholarships.
           Sustainable harvest of wild shea fruit helps
save Togo’s wooded savanna. Fair trade of shea
butter gives more monetary value to this
valuable resource and discourages cutting
shea trees for firewood.
          Shea trees grow in massive plantations and
don’t need synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.
Shea frut for skin care products are hand gathered.
The shells and non butter particulates are not
a marketable product and they are just used
as natural fertilizers. That’s great that nothing’s
going to waste.


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