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Natural Hair is So Important…Plus the Nappy Hair Fashion Show!

 All Twists


Natural hair makes me happy. It is the most
beautiful type of hair in the world.
It does not need to be straightened,
but taken care of. Our Black people
can really show off their own nappy texture.
Society’s thoughts on it does not matter.
It’s about being comfortable in your own
hair and skin. Yes, some say they find
it difficult to manage but there is a solution
to making it easier.We must show the world
what nappy hair is all about..
          We must challenge these people who
say things against nappy hair and to Hell
with them. That black woman on the cover
of the magazine looks best in her own nappy hair.
Imagine a Black woman in a swimsuit picture
without straight hair, but Nappy. Imagine
more black women in the media with nappy hair.
Imagine more black women saying I don’t give a
F… if society wants to see straight hair. I am the
one to wear it proudly and if they mad with this
nappy hair they will be mad for a lifetime.
That black women is me. It has been done and
I hope to see a collection of people with that
same attitude.
We are nappy queens and our hair speaks.
Our hair is an expression. It is a gesture.
          Who cares if society gets mad? Their
just people. If they hating on the nappy hairstyle
then they can fade away. Gone! Poof!
             Speaking of Nappy Hair! Have you heard of the World Natural Hair
Health and Beauty Show. It was founded in 1997 by Taliah
Waajid and Bob Johnson. This show is basically for
professionals and consumers to come together and
exchange information about natural hair, health
and beauty products and tips.
              This is for stylists and spectators nationally
as well as internationally to show of their creative natural
hairstyles. Va Va Voom! They ask consumers to come
and learn how to comb, style and maintain natural
hair for yourself and your children. Sounds like a Blast.
            This show educates and trains cosmetologist
and barbers and gives free informational workshops for
        When you arrive you will sense the natural oils burning,
afrocentric colors, information on wellness and the beautiful
people who attend. So step into a world of like minded people
who have goals for their natural hair. Uh huh.
          The businesses involved with this show are small,
medium and large. They bring creative art, beautiful
crafts, fashion, hair,jeweltry, vitamins and herbs
and skin care products too.
            And guess who has been there? Famous people
like Andre 3000, India Arie, Regina Bell, THe Brat are
some of the people who attended.
      Da Poet’s Corner is a mixture of spoken word
artist, music, art and passion.

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