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Part 3: THe HIstory of Black Colleges!



Black colleges help us black people very very much.

 So if you think about it, colleges have a place where you
can donate money. Black colleges are definitely worth
it. MOst colleges don’t have enough diversity. SOme of Our
Black people are scattered in the majority white colleges.
But when we come together and figure out a situation,
that’s the most power in this world. So let’s just take
a look at the role that black colleges play in our lives
just as well as the lives of OUR other black people.
The United States has 105 historically black colleges
and universities in the nation. They graduate over 50 percent
of African American professionals and public school
teachers and 70% of Black dentists says the UNCF.
Half of OUR Black people who graduate from HBCUs
attend graduate or professional schools. HBCUS
give out more than one third of the degrees
held by African Americans in natural sciences and
half of the degrees in math. IN total, the average
graduation rate at HBCUS is higher than the
average graduation rate for African Americans
at other institutions. So jump on board.
It’s the unity thing that really helps us
Black people. The more we gather together
and support each other the better our lives are.
             University in Wilberforce Ohio was
established in 1856 at the Underground Railroad.
A lot of HBCUS were formed right after
the Civil War when the US Congress
founded the US Bureau of Refugees,Freedmen,
and Abandoned Lands to help the 4 million
black Americans who were making the
transition from slavery to freedom.
              Over 1,000 black schools were built and over
$400,000 was used to found teacher training

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