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The History of Historically Black colleges

I love Historically black colleges. THere should be more black
colleges . You have to travel just to
get to one unless you live near them.
But there’s only one Black college in Michigan I know
of. It’s a business college. My dream college is a historically black college.
That’s my lifelong dream and goal.
I’m so excited. Speaking of Black colleges I would like to introduce
to the history of some.
  In 1837, the nation’s first black  college was established by Richard humphrey. He
opened the Institute for Colored Youth in Philadelphia. Most Black universities
were founded after the Civil War. North Carolina
has 11 historically black colleges and universities like Raleigh’s Shaw University
and North Carolina Central University.
     Bennett College in
Greensboro North Carolina
was founded as a coeducational school in 1873
in Greensboro . This particular is devoted to the
education of black women. Bennett’s former
college president Dr. Gloria Randall Scott founded
the Women’s Leadership Institute and Center for African
Women and Women of the African Diaspora.
          Fayetteville State University
At fsu , the chancellor T. J Bryan, is the first
African American to head a University of
North Carolina institution.
             Livingstone has Christian faith,
African american culture. community service, and
modern technological expertise.
             North Carolina A& T State University
             IT has 400 faculty members and over 6,000
students. it’s one of the nation’s biggest
historical universities.
           St.Augustine College is a private college.
It is supported by the Episcopal church and
United  Negro College Fund. It is a member of the
Association of Episcopal COlleges.

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