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Claflin University sounds like one of the best black colleges and it cost less than alot of white colleges!

(Claflin University Jazz Ensemble video)
Its been my dream to go to a black college and I will.
I particularly want to point out that Claflin University
sounds like one of the best colleges. IT is located in
ORangeburg,40 miles southeast of Columbia.
       What I like about this college is:
It’s a Black college and that makes it stands out way more
than your average college. It’s so many white colleges it’s
like overkill.
   What I also like about this college is the presence of the
cafeteria. From the pictures the cafeteria just looks so bright
like some place you can enjoy food. Since me being me, I love
food. A great meal is the best part of my day. So the surroundings
of the food at Claflin University are up  to point as I can see
from the picture. It looks way better than the other college
I attended.
             The college is known for having historic buildings and
sites.  So go grab a big chunk of history to your delight.
               The white college I attended cost more
than Claflin University. The cost of attendance at
Claflin University is $9,891.00 so the black college
has the better deal. HURRAY!!!

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