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Alabama A&M University is a black college in the spotlight!


Alabama A&M University
               Alabama A & M University has an Honors Program.
They have small settings for students. THat’s the best
because it must be a hassle trying to get help with
work with a bunch of students in line. It is
well equipped with a library, media resources,
cable tv, and and computer center.
             AAMU’s State of the art Telecommunications Center
has went beyond the classroom. Multi disciplinary
distance learning classes involve video conferences,
computer chat sessions, and email communications
with other colleges.
              Residence halls have Living
Learning Centers that host movies,
concerts, art exhibits, and self
emprovement and motivational seminars.
         The University has 5 academic
areas of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor
of Arts in over 70 disciplines, among
them- Art, Chemistry, math, and Foreign
          If you ever worry about transportation,
they have a BUll Dog Transportation bus.
IT runs MOnday thru friday. There are
special kinda services on the weekends
for students to go to malls or other shopping
             From 7am to 6:30pm MOnday
through Friday, there will be
buses running.  If you click ADMINISTRATION
at the top of the site you will see the transportation
information in more detail.

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