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Clark Atlanta University has something to show you!

Clark Atlanta University
            I was at Clark Atlanta University when I went
on the Black college tour in 2003. It’s a beautiful college.
I should have took my own pictures but I was not
able to get them. Why didn’t I remember to do that?
I don’t know.
          Here is what makes CAU stand out:
THe most famous people run through Atlanta.
If you attend CAU, you’ll find the Fox Theater,
The Tabernacle, and the Roxy. ALso you
will discover the OLDEST  African American
theatre company called Jomandi Productions.
Atlanta is happy with teams and clubs. The
winters are mild so if you hate winter it’s like
convenient for you. THink about it, if you never
been to atlanta or never been to CAU
or just visited briefly this could be a whole
new world for you.
               Atlanta is the headquarters of corporate
giants like Coca Cola, Southern Companies,
Delta Airlines, UPS, CNN, GEorgia Pacific,
Russell Construction an more.
           Here is the CAU song:

The Panther Fight Song

Hail! Roaring Panthers
Hail, Roaring Panthers
We sing our praise to thee.
You are our heroes
And will forever be, RAH, RAH, RAH.
Honor and glory
You bring to old CC:
All hail to thee, O Mighty Panthers
On to victory!

         The Division of Communication Arts provides
you with training you need. IT has WCLK-Fm
radio station, a television production studio
and CAU-TV, a cable tv channel in the Metropolitian
Atlanta area. Communication arts majors get the chance
to be actors, actresses, film directors, film critics,
tv anchors, casting directors, copyeditors and
copywriters, public relations directors, special
events coordinators, playwrights, and media
              The division of Natural sciences and math
IT allows you to become doctors, nurses, vets,
computer scientists, computer programmers,
engineers, medical technicians and illustrators,
health care educators, physical therapists, dentists,
and astronomers.
                THe Division of Social Sciences
 This department allows you to get training to
become police officers, fbi agents, bankers, brok,ers,
urban planners, lobbyists, politicians,educators,
psychologists, counselors, human resource
administrators, and social workers.
                 The school of business administration
allows you to become CPA, claim adjusters,
tax lawyers,loan officers, appraisers, financial
analyzts, international buyers, account executives,
human resouces managers, sales managers,
and personnel recruiters.
                 The school of education
helps you get training  to become educators,
preschool administrators, school psychologists,
writers for educational publishers, educational
researchers, curriculum specialists,
management trainers, marketing support
specialists, administrative support supervisors,
athletic coaches, dieticians, and physical
            The Division of the Humanities
helps people become writers,educators, librarians,
politicians, museum curators, graphic designers,
lawyers, fashion designers, translators,
counselors, consultants, clerics, and
            The School of Social work
It was made to help people get careers as
social workers, gerontology specialists, clinical social
workers, substance abuse counselors, case workers,
developmental disabilities specialists, community
organization directors, policy analysts, research
analysts, juvenile corrections officers,
child protective services personnel,
and criminal justice/corrections specialists.

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