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HBCU Black males earn more than Black males at other colleges! A ha!


HBCU black male graduates earnings go beyond black male graduates of other schools
             It’s always great to be at a black college. It has been
known that black men who earn degrees from historically
black colleges and universities have earned more money
than attending other institutions. Just think of a Black
college as a network where people come together
and tell what they know for one thing. Then another
person tells what they know for another thing.
To go along with that education, is netowkring.
            This study on black men making more
at Black colleges rather than other colleges is based on researchers
from Virginia Tech.
          The findings on the economic impact of HBCUS are described
in the Study The Wage Earnings Impoace of Historically Black
Colleges and Universities” which is in the Southern Economic
           The wages of Black males increased 1.4 percent to
1.6 percent faster per year after attend HBCUs rather than
going to those other colleges. Any increase is a great increase.
It’s better than staying the same I know that.
         Researchers even analyzed data from National
Longitudinal Surveys, which collected info at different
points in time on the financial situation of men and
women from 1979 and 2004. They created earnings
profiles of people over time and looked at the impact
HBCU attendance has on intial post college earnings,
current wage data and the average annual growth
rate of wages.
        Previous studies on the earnings of HBCU grates
had conflicting results. A 1994 study shows that
up to 12 percent wage loss for HBCU graduates
compared to graduates of other schools. The 1995
study said HBCU graduates earned 38% more than
Black graduates at other schools.
          My guess of why this is. TEAMWORK.
Working together amongst our Black people
helps us to succeed.

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