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HBCUs meet the national science imperative!


span style=”font-size: medium;”>Historically Black COlleges are meeting a National Science Imperative

      HBCUS are the biggest blessing to us BLACK people. It’s
something about the enviornment of a Black college
that is the most prideful and the best to cherish. Like when you
go into a black message boards and discuss issues and topics
in the BlACK community. Now think about how attending
college will be when we be around OUR own black people.
It’s like a Black Power Movement in itself. Even some few
of the other races will attend and they get to see us show
off and do what we do and how we do it the best.
       Historically black colleges and universities are playing a
major major role in helping the shortage of scientist and
engineers who help economic growth and competitiveness.
They are producing a large amount of the nation’s
African American graduates in science, technology,
engineering, and math.
                 70% of the growth in the numbers of
young adults between 18 and 24 years of age
is among minorities. This includes a 19% increase
in the number of African American Congressional
Commission on the Advancement of Women and
Minorities in Science, Engineering, and Technology
            HBCUS were founded after the Civil War
to help African Americans get access to
education. For more than 80 years HBCUS were
the only places in the American South where
African Americans could receive a higher
         In the year 2000, about 40% of the black
Student in America got a BA degree in
Biological science. HBCUS get the credit for
assisting OUR BLACK people who obtained
degrees in physical sciences- Physics,
chemistry, astronomy, enviornmental sciences
and math.
              IN almost every Stem field,
HBCUs lead the nation’s larger and
much more resourceful universities
in producing Black graduates. The National
Science Foundation study shows that African
Americans who graduate from HBCU undergraduate institutions
in sciences are MUCH MORE LIKELY to go to graduate
school and  complete doctoral degrees than
African Americans from other schools.
           Yes, we got some haters. Black colleges only receive 2% of money.
But remember we get the discount on college. Those white colleges
cost so doggone much it’s ridiculous. $17,000 and $21,000 on the white
college. Black college $9,000 and less sometimes. But you know
the Black colleges cost less. THat’s the point.
            Many of these haters support only in a
particular region like NOT in the SOuth. They
purposely set that up that way I’m thinking.
            Yet, Some efforts supporting HBCU’s
central role in the STEM fields have
shown great promise. An example of this is
that since 1998 the NSF has maintained
the HBCU UP program to be the way
to provide institutional support for
a spectrum of activities like planning,
faculty and course development, equipment,
and precollege bridge programs.
           This allows multiyear funding to come into
play. Another noteworthy program is the National
Instittue of Health’s U-Star pgoram- Undergraduate
Student Training in Academic Research.
        Even with the money hardship, HBCUS
have constantly shown proof they are  ready
and able to expand African American graduates
in sciences. Even if we get some rich people to
put more money into the college that’s great.
I’m enjoying the cost of attendance just looking
at it. I CANNOT wait till I get to the HBCU I”m going
to. IF time would just hurry up!

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