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My Black people, This is a great resource to learn about what’s involved in careers, training requirements and degree requirements of these careers!

Most people want a career. We all know

that it’s best to have a plan for your career.
Some people know what it takes to pursue a career.
Others need to know. So here is a site where you
can learn more about careers. Even if you knew
a little bit about one career you can always learn
more at this site.
           For example, with me, I’m going into journalism. That’s only part of It because
I’m going into mass communications . That’s so broad, it’s a whole lot of things
involved. So I will just specifically talk about journalism. When I type Journalism
for example, I see magazine journalist and newspaper journalist and other types of
journalist. I would love to do many types of journalism but here is what they say
for magazine journalist:
               THey attend meetings in order to plan the information of the magazine.
              Journalists suggest notions for articles that will interest their audience
              Magazine jOurnalists interview and research to collect material for articles.
             THey write articles in the magazine’s house style
                  Also, they keep up to date with developments and trends in subject
                   area of the magazine.
                       Then it goes into talking about the types of magazines:
Consumer magazines are made for the general public.
Specialist consumer magazines are aimed at an audience interested in
specifics about a topic like travel, arts, crafts or cars.
 Professional Magazines are those magazines made for those working
in a specific career like human resources, or management.
                   THey said a person working as a magazine journalist
should work as an editorial assistant for a magazine publishing house.
What a way to work yourself up. It’s like in order to get to the top
of the Pyramid you must start from the bottom. Same with careers.
Being an editorial assistant gives you the chance to make contacts
in the industry. It  says a person planning to be a magazine
journalist could do a pre entry journalism qualification or degree
before setting out to work. IT’s not required, but it gives you the
chance to look into the magazine industry. The best thing is
to always be prepared. I also think of starting off early as
being a great link. BUt  also in this hard to get a job type
world, it’s best to get a career so they will show YOU the
money. But also taking up a skill like office work or
anything else that’s simple is also great to know.
It’s always great to have that extra cushion to fall back on.
You feel me? Anyways here we go, here is my

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