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My Black people, here is a great resource for volunteers.This will help you!

What is something that college scholarships look for?

Answer: They look for many things but  Volunteering
is one. What is something jobs look for?
Answer: Skills and Volunteering. So  that’s two reasons to volunteer.
But it’s also a great idea to volunteer because you love to
make a difference. Anyways, there’s so many ways to
volunteer. Volunteering is more and more gains. A gain
for you. A gain for someone else. So there is a site where you
type a location.
           Then this site will find areas where you can volunteer.
So this is a site where volunteering is made easy. One thing
I love about the internet is that a simple click or typing can
lead to something big and more ideas.
             Just to let you know, I have volunteered. I feel great about
because I was helping kids and 3 adults who worked with me
for this program. It lasted about 2 or 3 months. It basically consisted
of prayer, games, lunch, and the playground. I help to circulate
the lunches and stuff and make sure everybody was comfortable.
It was fun. It was great to help. It was something to do. It even
led some kids to come to the church of the people in charge of
the program.