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My Natural hair photos for you to see!(My twistouts)

Donzeilla 002

Well if you don’t know already or even if you do
know, there’s a lot of BLACK women on fotki that
put up their beautiful nappy hair pictures. I was wondering
what I could do with my hair. So I decided to get the small
twists. That was my first style, then an afro. I know
some people wonder what styles they can do with
their hair at certain lengths. There was a time where
I was wondering what hairstyle I should get for
my short hair.
Now, most recently, I got the twist out hairstyle. I got
my hair twisted. First, I combed my hair.
Then I got my hair parted all nice and even.
Next,  I got the wax put on my hair. I used Murray’s
Beeswax. (It can be found at the drugstore or
Beauty Supply ofcourse, may be other places too.)
But really you can use any wax.My hair
was twisted into small sections. Last it was pinned
down with those hair clips and I tied it up.
So the steps above I just named gave me the
hairstyles above.Okay,
so just in case if there is anybody looking for a
short natural style those are options.
Also, here is my final tip. I saw a tip for
the twistout. As you can see my hair
above is in a twistout. But make a note
that the most curly twistouts come taking
small sections of the hair to twist. So make
twists small and the curls will really be
defined and stand out.


 Donzeilla 003


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