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The National Black Conference of Mayors welcomes our visits!


THe world needs more responsible and UNselfish
people running things. The world needs more
people in charge that don’t hold back on the good
and the great. THis person needs to know it’s
all about helping others and yourself. There’s
so many things in the world that needs to be
changed. Where do you begin? But that
brings me to discuss OUR BLACK PEOPLE
in politics. They are in the spotlight. So…..
the National Conference of Black Mayors came about
in 1972. It is located in Georgia. NCBM’s mission is to
enhance the executive management capacity of its
members for the reason of governing viable
      A meeting of 15 BlacK MAYORS WAS HELD  in
Alabama that led to the creation of the
South Conference of Black Males.In 1974,
20 black mayors came together in South Carolina
and voted to incorporate SCBM. They hired
their first executive  director and opened
a headquarters that year too.
          IN 1975, SCBM got funding, conducted
several economic development and water
system studies, and developed a technical
assistance program.
     In  1976, the 2nd annual convention in
Atlanta, the mayor’s voted to increase
the organization’s scope, changing the
name to the National Conference of Black
Mayors INC. That same year, NCBM
showed a series of municipal management
clinics in communities, and produced
proposals and grant applications that
brought millions in federal funding.Since
they did that, think about how they can
help other Black organizations.
               NCBM  has offered technical
help and training in housing, community
development, water and wastewater system
development, employment training,
energy management, and rural transportation.
As you can see NCBM is the multi tasker.
           The organization has networked
effectively with organizations like
National Association of Black County Officials,
The conference of Minority Public Administrators,
The US COnference of Mayors, etc. That’s what
I’m talking bout, networking and building a foundation.
The More we work together the more the picture
comes together and the more we accomplish.
           Since 1980, the NCBM promoted international
exchange, taking delegations of mayors to
China, Taiwan, Senegal, The IvoryCoast, Liberia,
Japan and other foreign countries. NCBM has
been very active in advocating for our Black
Community in health, social policy, economic
development, and political empowerment.
So definitely, my black people go check them out.
Let’s show our support in return.