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Check out Morris College, a Historically BLACK College with great features!

Morris College
         MOrris  College is a Historically Black College. That’s number
one that I love about this college. What is overkill is that it’s
so many white colleges. This college has different clubs they
offer. For example, the Co op club they have helps students
develop the best skills to enter the workforce.
         Their french club helps you learn about French and
France. We already know that knowing a foreign
language is a plus in the workplace. I think you either
get paid more or get the job faster or something like that.
The Morris COllege Chapter of National Broadcasting Society
offers opportunities to do things on air, cable,
and cable electronic media outlets.
THe LIterary Society promotes growth in readings,
lectures, and literary programs.
 THe Poetry CLub promotes poetry and culture.
Morris COllege Players is the name of their drama
   They’ve got a karate club too, which is excellent
for physical and mental wellness. Remember martial
arts ORIGINATED in Africa. Our Black people came
up with that and so much more.
The name of their newpaper is The HEritage.
IT’s a newspaper where you can express yourself
both literary and artitistically.
The Hornet is the yearbook of college life events.
Let me not forget that they have an Army program.
Army ROtc takes 2-4 years to finish. They stay
on camp for 5 weeks doing physical fitness
and field training. The stipend is either $100.00
or $200.00 a month.
          The college  radio station at Morris COllege
is WMCC 640 AM.
              Their co op program gives college credit
and in some cases a salary. Cha Ching!
                The Fabulous and wonderful Morris COllege
has voter registration, a mentor program, celebration
of Black History, and educational and cultural life trips.
             So this is how I know, they sent me a brochure
of their college and a catalog.
              The college even has books BY and ABOUT our
Black people. What caught my eye the most is a personal
interest. They had a picture of their radio studio on their
brochure. I am going into mass communications so
that’s right up my alley.

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