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National Urban League Gets $1.6 million from AT&T to help OUR BLack people in their careers!

The same companies that support us BLack people should

support them. It’s give and give back to show appreciation. That

even helps us even more. What you put into something is what

comes out of it.

AT&T Foundation, announced a $1.6 million AT&T AccessAll

grant to the National Urban League to support opportunities

technology career development. AT&T Foundation grant will launch

new Digital Career Academies, expand what’s offered at 11 academies

around the country.

THe grant is part of the 3year $100 million AT&T AccessALL
iniative to give technology to underserved communities.

A lot of the fastest growing careers in America

ask for computer skills and focus on the technology

industry. The Digital Career Academies will make certain that

our BLACK people are prepared to go head to head with

people in today’s technology driven job market.

The 2006 grant has 11 existing Digital Career Academies

will keep providing instruction in digital media as well as

IT administration. The 5 new academy sites which will be

chosen based on competitive process open to Urban

League affiliates, will focus on video game

programming and IT administration career

development. All 16 project sites will provide

service offerings to include basic and

intermediate technology skills training,

career counseling, internship and job placement


Many jobs in technology offer people

better career opportunities and earning potential.

THe National Urban League’s Digital Career

Academies program will assist OUR BLACK

people in finding and securing technology


AT&T support for the National Urban

LEague is showing the company’s commitment

to strengthen opportunities in education and

technology job training across multiple


11 existing Digital Career Academies expand
technology training programs with the AT&T
Foundation grant:

Los Angeles Urban League
* Greater Sacramento Urban League, in California
* Urban League of Greater Hartford, Inc., in Connecticut
* Urban League of Champaign County, in Illinois
* Urban League of Madison County, Inc., in Indiana
* Grand Rapids Urban League, in Michigan
* Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis, Inc.
* Akron Community Service Center and Urban League, in Ohio
* Urban League of Greater Oklahoma City, Inc.
* Urban League of Greater Dallas and North Central Texas
* Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc., in Wisconsin

After learning about what AT&T is doing, I will always

keep that in mind whenever I hear or read about this

company. It gets me to wondering what are some other

companies that are charitable to OUR Black race’s

This and more information at:


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