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Walmart is telling lies against OBama trying to turn its employees against him, (the best thing is to boycott Walmart because they don’t want a better change obviously)

Vote for OBAMA! Obama graduated at Harvard Law School-MAGNA CUM LAUDE, while McCain Graduated 5t

Walmart, what a loser store. I can’t stand any company that
is against OBAMA for presidency. Walmart is launching a
worldwide campaign telling company managers that
an Obama presidency would harm company employees.
Yet, Walmart is slacking and lacking in providing employee
benefits and living wages. They are saying that Obama
being president would cause more pressure on
unionization at the company’s over 4,000 stores in America.
They say that this will force large union dues and get
little or nothing reciprocated. They said that  employees
will have to go on strike if they get no money at all.
                But the truth is these are false claims. Walmart
wants to play the Devil and tell people to vote for
somebody whose going to ruin the world.
One thing I seen on the internet I want to point
out is the “OBama or die” shirt. There’s really nothing
else to choose from. Obama is going to help the world.
The opposite candidates will mess up the world.
 We know  it’s that simple.
                     Obama’s support in areas like Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Virginia, and Missouri is weak. WHy? These
numbers of Wal mart stores are located in those areas.
             We can all bring up Wal mart’s poor record
in giving out the living wage and health benefits
we need. So I smell hypocrites running around
like chickens loose. Walmart is a bad corporate citizen.
Here are facts laid out:
Hundreds of thousands of Wal mart employees earn
substandard, NOT EVEN STANDARD wages. That is
ridiculous. Wal Mart was fined $11 million by the
federal government in 2005 for using illegal
immigrants as janitors in 60 stores in 21 states.
Wal Mart locks night workers in the building
saying they are keeping employees safe from
robbers. But that’s not the case. The real reason
is because they thought employees would be
free loading on their stuff. Emergency exits
at Wal Mart were ONLY to be used by locked
in employees if there was the possibility of
a fire.
           Only 1half of Wal Mart workers are
covered in health insurance. THose covered
have to pay a high deductible. OBama is looking
to raise the federal minimum wage. We all need
a break. That should be much appreciated
by Wal Mart workers. Obama is cutting
taxes for low and middle income families,
expanding unemployment benefits,
helping those who risk losing homes,
providing energy rebates to help
pay home heating costs, expanding thee
Family and Medical Leave Act, and
providing tax credits for child care
               So since Wal mart is talking crap
they are trying to shift blame is it? When
the blame is on WAL MART, not Obama.
Obama is the change we need. Wal Mart
should not be receiving the support
of people who want a better life. The way
to get to Walmart is boycott these
sorry A** people just like the email I got
says. I definitely agree.

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