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A 17 year old Black female wins golf against a bunch of grown men!

 Lets thank God for our natural abilities.
What gift one person has another may not have.
Zakiya Randall, a 17 year old black female becomes
the only and youngest female  to be on the Georgia
Golf Amateur Tour. She already qualified for
the Georgia Golf Channel Championship by
placing in the op percentile on the most
difficult level of play on the Golf TOur.
She Goes on TO WIN THE final tournament
of the seasosn on September 7, 2008 at
Arbor SPrings Golf & Resort CLub also
known as the Coweta CLub in Newnan
She has been working on swing mechanics
for more improvements.
           THe field included like 50 or some
of the adult men amateur tour players
in Georgia. She is now at an elite
list of amateur level golfers who
are qualified to play at the national level
in Golf Channel TOur.
She has been in Ebony Magazine, on the Tavis
Smiley Radio Show, The Golf Channel TV Show,
nominated as a finalist for outstanding talents
has been shown off in many magazines,
newspapers, and online journals around the
Ms. Randall took up golf at the very young
age of 10 after winning a series of
tennis tournaments. Immediately
she was successful at golf obtaining
the honor of Player of the Year.
Some people just got it like that. It’s one
thing to be great at something. It’s way
more to outshine a lot of people with your
honors. She can take a bow for all
her wonderful acheivements. I know the
men did not see this prodigy coming.
Hahaha! But she came up and showed
them that’s what’s up. Her golf game is tight.

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