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Wow,This is how predators lure women out their house with a baby’s recorded voice!


 This situation sounds really scary. There’s a reason
why we must take safety precautions, to save
our lives and protect us from injury.
This tip from Tae Kwon Do is use your elbow to
defend yourself.
IF a robber says get me your wallet toss it
away from you. Do not hand it to him.
He would most likely be interested in your
waller and or purse than you. So it makes
sense that he will go for the wallet purse
but scurry off in a hurry!
IF anyone gets thrown into the trunk of a car
the best thing for them to do is kick out the back
tail lights.
Stick your arm out the hole and wave
so you can get noticed. The driver won’t be
able to spot you, but others will. This has
been known to save lives.
Women are known for getting into car
after shopping and eating working to
do their checkbook. Oh but it”S NOT
good to do this. THERE’S a chance
predators will be watching you.
Then they might get in the passenger’s
side and pun a gun to your head.
Don’t do it, Don’t do it.
It’s best to get in your car lock the doors
and leave.
IF the person in the car has a gun to your
head, its best NOT to drive off. Rev the engine,
speed up and wreck the car. The air bag
will save you. The person in the back seat
will get the most hurt. When the car crushes,
pick up your feet and run.
In a car parking lot, be aware of your surroundings,
whose there, any shadows, how cars are parked. Look
into your car, the passenger side floor, and the back
 If your car is parked next to a big van, get into
the car from the passenger door. It is found that
most serial killers attack victims by grabbing them,
putting them into the vans while women are
tryign to get into their cars.
 look at the car on the driver’s side  and passenger’s side
of your vehicle. If a male is sitting alone by
your seat nearest your car, go back into public
store , mall, work or wherever, and get a guard
or policeman to walk with you.
Its best to take the elevator rather than stairs.
Stairwells are creepy places and the exact
spot most victims are targeted. This is
most prevalent at NIGHT, but don’t take
chances with the day either.
IF the predator has a gun and you not
controlled, run like a building on fire.
The predator will only hit you, a moving
running target 4 out of 100 times.
ANd it is most likely not a vital organ.
Run in a zigzag pattern to  confuse
the predator.
The article says that Ted Bundy was an educated
man. He would act like he needed help from women.
He walked with a cane, sometime a limp and
asked for help into his vehicle or with his
vehicle.That’s when he got his next victim.
          Someone just told the writer of this article that
I’m rewriting, that there  was a crying baby on
her porch. And I’m saying that’s something
so scary about that. The crying baby left
alone is so scary. But this person called
the police. Policemen said whatever you do
DO NOT open the door. The lady said
the baby sounded like he or she had crawled
near a window. She was very worried that
the baby would somehow crawl to  the street
and get run over.
          The policeman said, “We have a unit on the way,
whatever you do, Do Not open the door.” He also
said they think a serial killer has a baby’s cry
recorded and uses it to get women out of their
houses thinking that someone dropped off a
baby. They have not checked it out, but have
had several calls by women telling that they
hear a baby’s cry outside their doors
when they home alone.
This is why people should not answer the door for a crying baby.
THe crying baby theory was mentioned on
AMerica’s most Wanted this past Saturday when
they profiled the serial killer in Louisiana.
Now I read this story at night. I hope I don’t get
nightmares. THis is really really scary sounding.

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