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My Black people, look at what’s going on in the world! Times are getting so hard 99 cent stores are closing in Texas! Plus more store closings as well!

Australian money compared to US money

My black people, times are REALLY

hard in this economy. IT takes money to live. It takes money

to get more money, at least a little money to get a lot. Take the
lottery for example. But its best to have a stable full time job. With
our human needs of food, clothes, shelter, miscellaneous, we
should all know how to budget well. It’s the overspending
that gets people behind. But not to have money to spend
at all is the worst.
Here in Michigan, jobs are especially hard to find. So if you think
about moving here are coming here, I really hope you understand
the financial crisis is so hard here.
Every dollar is hard to get. MOney don’t come easy.
I know we all wish it could grow on trees.
 IT seems like most jobs want experience. You need training
to get experience anyways unless you volunteer.
But anyways, times are getting so hard, even 99 cent stores
are closing in Texas. Who the heck would have ever thought?
99 cents only plans to close all the 48 Texas locations.
This discount chain said that it was raising prices
99.99 to cope with rising inflation.
Mattress Discounters will close 48 of its stores.
Dillards will close 8 more of its underperforming stores.
ANd oh my goodness! Goodyear is closing 92 of its 742 stores
in America.
Mrs. Fields a place in the mall where my mom loves
to get cookies has faced a lot of store closings since


Plus if you go through the whole gallery, you will see up
to 35 photos of store closings.

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