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My Black people the Arrest Bush/Cheney Banners up for public display in an outside setting!


  Protestors pull out the big guns or figuratively

speaking. There were anti war protestors who hung
a banner today at the National Archives calling for
the arrest of President George W. Bush and Vice
President Cheney. Well I myself think that their
arrests who make the penitentary system way better.
After all, Bush and Cheney have not done much good.
But a lot of what they dish out is Bad. I can’t help
but think there is ONLY justice in their imprisonment.
              The 222 foot long banner in the most patriotic
colors says Defend Our Constitution-Arrest Bush/Cheney
War Criminals.
             It’s a crime for those who don’t have to have
to go without. Not only did Airhead Bush and Cheney
“F” up this country, they have also made it
hard for us to help other countries. If we can’t
help our own country we can’t help others.
                   The people who set up this display
were 5 military combat veterans from
the anti war group Veterans for Peace.
Their mission  is to stay on the ledge and
fast for a full day” to take thought on those
who have died and those who continue
to suffere from the crimes of the Bush
          To the veterans with the bright idea,
great job!


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