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Here’s the inside news, my black people! This is more about how they try to send voters away, saying students of a “CERTAIN” school cannot vote, which ofcourse brung on a lawsuit! There are many more lies and actions they take to get people NOT to vote!

the 10 places with the most rigged votes!

LEt me give you all the most important information
about voting. There are 10 places that are the worst
for casting a vote ballot.

I know I already did a post on registering
to vote online and mailing the form you
print. Well, they may come up with the
excuse of the registration being lost
in the mail. So it’s best to go in person.
You can register to vote at the post office
and other places.

North Carolina being one. Everybody in every
state should vote but this is one of the worst places
to vote. In 2004, a touch screen voting machine
in Beaufort North Carolina erased 4,439 ballots
cast two weeks before election day. Now aint
that so stupid? Somebody need to be more
professional about the voting process. It
should not be so easy to erase ballots. This is
a serious process just like a crime investigation.

They were never recovered. That’s one of the most
annoying things to have all of the work done
and then just vanish.

7 thousand votes were not even counted because
of this . THe San Francisco based Electronic
Frontier FOundation says that the voting
machine in OHIO addded 4,000 extra votes
for Bush. Now look at the economy. People
just kept re-electing that FOOL Bush.

Now The Federal Help AMerica Vote act
requires most counties to do away with
punch card or lever machine and use
the new technology. ELection officials
are scattering and running and rushing
to meet the deadline. Time flies like they say.

There were 150,000 votes counted up in
a county were 50,000 people voted.
I guess the sneaky underhanded
people did Not think they could figure
that out.

In Iowa machines counted people’s votes
backwards. In Philadelphia, over 5 percent
of voting machines broke down on primary

Paper trail systems for electionic voting
have their flaws as well. On certain
machines, logs are designed so horribly
that auditors have the risk of counting
tentative votes instead of final choices.

In ST Louis and New Orleans they have
long lines in poor neighborhoods. In 2000,
polling places failed to open on time in St.Louis
the judge order polls to stay open late.

In Ohio, people were not showing up for
work. There were paper jams that poll
workers had no clue to fix.

In New Hampshire,
people were using trickery.
Fliers from the Nonexistent MIlwaukee
black Voters League were distributed
in neighborhoods where OUR Black people
live. These fliers said that if these people
were found guilty of anything, even
a traffic violation, you can’t vote in
the election.

In Ohio, fliers from the Board of Elections
announced that because of high voter
registration, Republicans would vote
on Election Day. Democrats would
vote the next day. They told oTHER
voters that their polling places were

Half a dozen states that people
have gotten rid of laws permanently
barring felons. But felon bans
continue to affect more than 5
million Americans. In Florida, about
1 million perople cannot vote because
of their felony status. In 2000 and 2004
the state hired private companies to
get rid of the votes made by felons.
They ended up getting rid of those
people who are not felons or got
their voting rights restored.

People convicted of drug felonies can
still VOTE.

South Dakota says they forget to give
registration cards to Native Americans.
There’s no way they could forgeT>>

In 2003, Waller COunty Distrrict wrote
a letter to the elections administrator
and local newspaper saying that any
students voting could get 10 years
in prison and a $10,000 fine. Let me
just inform you that this school
was a black school named PRairie
View A&M.

I know how they say slapped someone
with a lawsuit, but I’m going to say the Naacp
punched them with a lawsuit saying that
students are ALLOWEd to register to
vote in the communities that they attend

Students in Arkansas, Florida, Maine,
New Hampshire, and Virginia have also
been prevented from registering to vote.
Williamsburg, Virgina, William, and
Mary Students were denied permission
to register just because they were going
home on vacation.

In Florida, Voter registration forms are easily lost.
In 2004, people destroyed forms where people
were registered as Democrats. Now Florida
has a law saying $250 to $500 TO people
who don”t immediately deliver the paperwork
to election officials> The only exception is
for natural disasters or difficult circumstances.

Now, what will they think of next? Ask yourself
that question. Be ready, be prepared for
any tricks they pull out. Check everything,
check back with the people at the polls, go
back, ask questions, just make sure nothing
happens to your vote, your ballot.


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