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My black people as we know, The economy is the downfall of the world, it says so much when times get so hard at the soup kitchens!


From dollar stores to other businesses, times are
getting hard for many places. We all know
that if dollar stores can flop in Texas, the
economy is tight.
Now for another situation that shows you
more about this difficult economy. It’s
common that they say it takes a village to
raise a child, what does it take to feed
all of Argentina I wonder?
In Buenos aires, it’s getting hard to
serve kids food. They don’t have food
to eat.
             THe rising cost of food causes these soup
kitchens to limit  the amount of people they
can feed. Now they have to resort to waiting
lists as if they were having a liver donated.
               Buenos AIRES   Suburn of San Isidro
feeds 160 children and mothers every
evening in groups of 35. That’s all the people who
fit at the table.
          They used to feed twice as many people.
Now they get less food. People just don’t
donate any more and  the government
gives food for a month, but it is gone in
15 days.
Whatever is causing these dang on gas prices
affects the food prices. Inflation has been at 9.1
percent on average last year, and  3% for
food prices. Prices have gone up from 25 to
30 percent on average the past year.
           Argentina makes enough beef, grains,
cooking oil, and fruit for a population 10 times
bigger than  the 38 million people they already
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
says that the nationwide rise in food prices
is threatening the economic an social acheiements
of Lain America like steady economicgrowh
and the decline of unemployment and poverty
We already know  it’s a blessing to eat. Every
meal we get is something to be grateful for.
Others don’t have it and they are desperate
for food. As we know that gas prices
affect food, how do we get gas prices down?
What makes the cost of gas rise?

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