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YVette Clarke, a Black woman who is a member of 3 HOUSE committees!

 Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke

is a Black woman notable for her role in politics.
Yvette D. Clarke is a Brooklyn native whose
roots are deeply in her Jamaican heritage.
She has long been educated in the
New York City Public School System.
                Rep. Clarke received a scholarship to
Oberlin Colege and received the Prestigious
APPAH/Sloan Fellowship in Public Policy
and Policy Analysis.
                    Rep. Clarkeis the first Director
of BUsiness development of the Bronx
Empowerment zone. It was her that
administered the $51 million budget that
revitalization and economic development
of the South Bronx. That right there shows
the authority in politics. We already knew
how powerful politicians are. It makes
me think about politics even harder.
It makes me want to study politics
and economics.
                   Rep clarke was elected to the
New YOrk City Council in November
2001 to take on the role of representative
for the 40th District in Boroklyn. She
got re elected in Nov. 2003 and Nov. 2005.
               Her mother was a councilmember
as well making their first mother daughter
succession in the New York City Council’s
                Many of the other roles on her resume
is chair of the powerful Contracts Committee,
co chair of the New York city Council’s
Women  Caucus.  And to put the ribbon on
the present, she served on the education,
Fire and criminal justice Services, Health,
Land Use, Planning,Dispositions and
Concessions, and Rules, Priveledges
and Elections Committees. Very well
rounded individual she is.
           By November 2006, she was elected
to stand up and take charge in New York’s
11 congressional District with 89% of the vote.
Right now, she is a member of 3 House
committees and 2 subcommittees in
each committee.
              Being in politics is a powerful thing
as you can see. It’s powerful like radio,
anything where you have an audience
and get your message across.

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