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Black inventor invented the Computer Program for Biometric Access Television,convertible top for motorcycles,disposable shower head and much more!

African American Inventor Develops Computer Program
for Biometric Access Television
Well tv can be very entertaining if you care about the
story and characters. There are certain shows that
we just don’t want to miss. Thank God for cable.
They play some of the same shows over as we know.
But let’s take some time to look at tv cable in
another light. I was researching black inventors
to learn more about OUr Black history. The site
says this:
         A Black man named John Dixon invented a
computer program to access and control tv
functions through biometric technology.
One of the computer program instructions will
let people have the option of scanning their
biometric image such as a fingerprint< so they
can access and control their tv set>

Another instruction will store and make a user profile,

giving the viewer a selection of their favorite stations.
The computer program has aspects like parental
control which blocks out specific stations that only
parents can get to with their  biometric image.
Sounds like something that’s good for a kid’s
needs. WOnderful, its’great that they support
the needs of the youth.
The Biometric images are scanned by either an
attached or remote scanning device that scans
and authorizes biometric images like fingerprints,
eyes or hand prints that will help access a secure
John has started a company called BIometric
Access Entertainment Group. IT also
created myoliogos,com, an entertainment
and information website that shows off
biometric security that will let people
download copyrighted material such
as music, movies, and ringtones.
We already know so far that he invented the
Computer Program

for Biometric Access Television. But this was
not his stopping point. He went further and
he is the perfect example of what happens
when you self motivate.
Mr. Dixon was the first to invent a collection of
technologies like the convertible top for
motorcycles, cable tv regulator, formula
for pet coffee, disposable shower head,
lucky numbers alarm clock, retractable
barbeque grill and a the whole sha bang
of other copyrights. He is quite the
overacheiver just like SO many of OUR
Black people!
I can’t stop thinking about other black inventions.
I want to know more.

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