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MCCAIn and Palin are against Americans having healthcare, NOT a good look for a president and vp! They will lose together!

MCCAIn and Palin are the most selfish and

sorry SOBS just like BUsh. This world will be
turned upside down with them. They cannot
win. They will not win. They don’t care about
those people who need things the most.
A perfect example of how they don’t care is



MCCain and Palin  are against giving
46 million uninsured AMericans the same
access to affordable health care. Mccain
and Palin will not stand up to Big oil
interests. THey want to support tax breaks
to oil companies to do more drilling.
            Palin is against sex ed in public
schools. She only wants to support
abstinence only approaches. But not
everyone will be abstinent so people need
to learn about sex because they are going
to do it.
    MCCAIn and Palin is like a vote for Hades.
They want to eliminate our rights to family planning,
education, domestic partner benefits and freedom from
discrimination. With those lowlifes running, there really
should be NO VOTES for them!
Lets do ourselves a favor and put these  incompetents in their
place, at the bottom of the barrel!

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