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MCCAIn is like BUSH, more of the same JOB losses! JOhn MCCAIN, a loser just like BUSH!

We live in a world where the economy is
drowning. Bush have made a mess. Obama’s
gonna fix  it. Mccain would indeed be more
of a mess. Mccain wants to help the RICH, the
Wealthy, not the middle class. JOhn Mccain
is more of the same and we are tired of the same.
PUt that B**** JOhn MCCain in the background.
Let him fade away.
              Now, this is how John MCCAIN is like Bush!
MCcain is like President Bush
Mccain has voted with Bush  95% of the time  in 2007.
What a fool he is! Mccain supported Bush on the
Iraq War and immigration reform.
             Then, another point  I would like to make is
that John McCAin is willing to keep AMerican troops
in Iraq for 100 years.
                 MCCAIn voted for 4 of 5 Bush Republican
Budget Resolutions that add up to 9 million dollars.
John Mccain voted against tax credits that encourage
renewable energy and create jobs. But his
tax cuts are for BIG ENERGY COMPANIES,
not customers.

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