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Obama won the Phoenix award from the COngressional Black Caucus!



OBama honored at the Democratic Presidential
Convention. He spoke on both economics and
racial injustice. We both heard his speech
on race before and made his points to perfection.
With this speech, he also did very well.
He always goes above the mark. Mccain
stays near the bottom with all the low lifes.
              With Obama as President,
we can expect to see a HANDSOME president
this time. We can only expect the great,
the just, equality, a better living. He’s the leader.
God is with Obama.
            OBama, just received the Phoenix Award
from the Congressional Black Caucus
Foundation. He was honored for his
contributions to African American political
awareness, empowerment, and the
advancement of Our Black people and others
labeled minorities but set to be the MAJORITY
because of our growing population.
             Obama stated that in his speech,
MCCAIn did NOT say much about working
families.You can see his priorities are not there.
 I myself say FOrget the rich, its the middle
class that needs help. The rich can get
richer if they continue to work hard. As CNN says, 51% said
Obama did the better job. While a 38%
said they liked MCCAIN, BOOOOOIng for
              These people must have not wanted
to see a president with passion for those
38% who like MCCAIN’s speech. It is obvious
Obama’s passion stands like the American
flag with pride. MCCAIn has no morals
or passion. Mccain might as well whisper
his speech.
                           But OBama on the other
hand is different. He cares about the declining
incomes, job loss, and housing crisis. He wants
it all to change. MCCAIN is the one with more
of the same. We all saw his politic commercial.
But I’m sure you saw more than that to let you
know MCCAIN is more of the same.
MCCAIN and Bush are interlinked.

You see the financial crisis America
is now because of Bush.

          Obama even stated that JOhn MCCAIN
had a lot to say about him. MCCAIn is out
of focus.He should have been talking about
us Americans.But he’s so petty and little
that he is jealous of OBama. He could not
even put that aside to address the needs
of Americans, how amateurish of MCCAIn.

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