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President Bush is the worst president. He is just like Hitler!

President Bush is like Hitler
Bush as a president is a dead end…. This
man is taking the world to a dead end. He’s
not out for the betterment of the world. 

    There  are some serious issues with Bush.

He is a reasonable facsimile of Hitler in the way they
do things. Time for another president, I Support Obama.
But I don’t want anybody to run things if they are just
as bad as Bush or any worse! These are the ways Hitler
and Bush are alike:
1. Just like Hitler George Bush did not get majority elected
and was forced to engage in political maneuvering in order
to gain office.
  •          2. Bush curtailed civil liberties in publicized disaster in 9-11
like Hitler did in the Reichstag fire.
  • 3. George Bush pursued a reckless foreign policy even
without the mandate electorate and even though
there was opposition of most foreign nations.
  • 4.Like Hitler Bush increased his popularity with
conservative voters by mounting an aggressive
public relations campaign that was used against
foreign enemies. Hitle cited international
communism to justify Germany’s military buildup
and Bush has used Al Qaeda and the Axis of
Evil to justify the militarybuild up.
  • 5.Hitler and Bush both promoted militarism in the
midst of economic recession.
  • 6. Hitler and Bush both display much much enthusiasm
in patriotic speeches but serves wealthy investors
who subsidize his election campaigns and share
with him their comfortable lifestyle.
  • 7. Hitler and Bush both envisages our nations
unique history as a religious cause that is
sanctioned by God. He likes to spread
HIS version of Americanism through the world.
  • 8. Hitler and Bush promote a future world that
makes sure his own nation’s hegemonic
supremacy rather than agreeing in harmony
under the UNited Nations.
  • 9. Like Hitler, Bush makes and Breaks diplomatic
ties and offers promises he abandons like
in the mExico, Russia, Afghanistan, and
New York City cases.
  • 10.Hitler and Bush both repeat their lies like it’s
circulating air.
           That’s only 10 of the ways Hitler and Bush are alike. The site gives
31 similarities Between Hitler and Bush. Bush must have watched
Hitler carefully. I can here it in my head now when Bush says he
wants to be just like Hitler, his hero. Well, he is bringing history to the present
being like Hitler.
              Edward Jayne provided this information on his site.
Bush’s family funded Adolf Hitler, more information on his
tragic behavior and the link I gave above is on this site:


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