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Hello my black people, Mccain wants people to retire late in age!

What’s up my black people? Have you seen this article talking about
John Mccain wants the retirement age to be higher? Well, it’s
true, Mccain wants Americans to retire late in age.
Oh my goodness! The man has lost his marbles.
There comes a certain age where a person should
be able to just retire. The older a person gets
the more their body slows down. When people
get real old they cannot get around. They can
sometimes drive too slow. Older folks especially
who are disabled need more assistance than
ever. But John Mccain wants people to retire
as LATE as possible.
John Mccain,wants higher retirement age,
smaller cost of living adjustments, as less
benefitsfor moderatet income and higher income earners.
Obama wants the Best for the American people.
Barack Obama opposes privitization which would
not help anyways and he is against making people
retire late.
            Barack Obama wants to make it easier
for Americans to save. We all know life is
about budgeting. Obama would give us a way
to save. Obama would require employers
to enroll employees in retirement savings
plans and if employers don’t option up
those plans, they would have to offer
employees a convenient way to contribute
to Individual Retirement Accounts through
payrool deduction. In addition, Brilliant Barack
would improve greatly on the current system
of public matches for people’s contributions
to their retirement savings accounts, at
least for families making under
$75,000 a year.
                  When you look to MCCAIN,
his proposals are blank. That’s what
you get with MCCAIN, absolutely nothing.People
with dreams and even people with NO dreams don’t
deserve to suffer MCcAin’s shananigans!

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